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George Aloysious Crocodile Croc
Lived alone on a distant isle
His life was a bore
on the sandy shore
But he did have a permanent smile

Jane Eliza Crocodile Croc
Set sail on a floating Log
She sailed for a day
in a hazadous way
Until she was lost in a fog
When the fog dispelled Eliza found
She was safe in a large lagoon
She plunged in the sea
With a shout of glee
and basked in the light of the moon

When daylight came Aloysious saw
A stranger in his lagoon
"i'll have to see
Who this person can be
And it can't be a moment too soon"

When Aloysious met Eliza Jane
They swam for a leisurly mile
Till she turned her head
and quietly said,
"I do like your beautiful smile"

George was thrilled with her excellent taste
And said, "Do say you'll stay"
She grinned a grin
And said, "You win:
It's a wonderful place to play

Now aloysious lives with Eliza Jane
He's a frisky crocodile
Life's not a bore
For him anymore
For they live in playful Style